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Well Mother Nature is not being very kind to us this week.

The weather was so beautiful on Monday, sunny and 70, making it tempting to plant anything and everything.

Only to drop the temperature down to 30-something Tuesday night with a possible freeze!

I am glad I only have a few pots to move and the crops in the garden are all hardy plants.

You might do a little weeding but it looks like we need to wait another week to plant the warm weather flowers and crops.

So there was a huge section in the Sunday paper that was all about gardening.

One article was about the health benefits of gardening.

I have always said it is great therapy and cheaper than a psychiatrist…and there is proof. Studies show that being outside can result in better moods and lower stress levels.

Just being in the sunshine with the birds and butterflies and bees is a natural mood booster and can reduce tension, anger, fatigue, and anxiety.

It also helps grow your brain according to some studies of older adults.

Doing more physical activities like biking, dancing and gardening actually grew the brain volume in the part that controls memory.

These activities could cut your chance of Alzheimer’s disease in half.

Huh…now there is even more reason to spend time in the garden.

I think we should dance in the garden after weeding and planting!!! Enjoy the Earth! Diana