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Oh my goodness, the spring flora is busting out everywhere!

The Dogwood trees and Lilac bushes are in full bloom and things are greening up quickly.

Sunday was perfect weather to be outside and we just happened to have lunch right across the street from a greenhouse full of flowers.

So I bought some snap dragons and a couple of big petunia baskets for the window boxes at home and a couple of parsley plants to add in at The Choke.

I spent a couple of hours in the warm sunshine planting my flowers.

The two window boxes are about 12 inches by 24 inches and I like them to look full immediately.

A 10-inch hanging basket will fill one box and make it look like it has been planted for weeks.

Instant gratification…and it takes no time at all to plop in one big basket versus a bunch of little plants.

I also planted a couple of Boston Ferns in bigger pots and got them placed.

Everything I planted is pretty cool weather tolerant, but if we were to have a frost, they can all be moved inside.

We aren’t out of the woods yet on frost events so those hot weather flowers can wait a little longer.

I have so many pots to plant so the plan is to work with cool weather flowers first and do a little each weekend instead of buying a ton of plants and kill myself trying to get them all planted.

It sure felt good to be outside with the birds and bees.

Happy gardening and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Flower Box