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What a super 4th of July we had on Grand Lake!

The weather was almost perfect, except for a little sprinkle Monday night. But it didn’t stop the big show! Grand Lake summertime sunrise

Then it was only 74 degrees at noon on the 4th, unheard of this time of year. But that didn’t stop people from getting on the lake.

The whole area was buzzing with activity from Thursday on through the holiday. Love it!!

Getting a little rain over the weekend was a summer blessing.

Not only did it do the watering for me, it is keeping the temperatures from becoming sweltering.

Well, I say that, but I spent a couple of hours weeding on Monday.

Even though it wasn’t 90 degrees, I was dripping and had to make several trips to the house to cool down. Between the humidity and absolutely no breeze, it was pretty mucky.

So everything is looking pretty good for July. It isn’t unusual for everything to be looking stressed from heat and dry by now, but we’ve been lucky.

There isn’t a whole lot to have to tend to in the gardens other than weeding and keeping dead stuff pruned off.

I finished harvesting and storing all my onions and potatoes and I think I will let those beds rest until fall.

Speaking of fall, it isn’t too early to start thinking about a fall garden.

Some things are planted at the end of July to Mid-August. I know, you think I’m nuts.

But I will be giving you planting times in the upcoming weeks to make a successful fall vegetable garden.

Meanwhile, come and see us at The Saturday Market. These guys work hard at baking, harvesting, preparing food items, etc. and appreciate your support.

Happy Summertime! Enjoy the Earth! Diana