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Well, its 2017 and time to start thinking about what approach to take in the vegetable garden.

The seed catalogues should be coming in the mail soon and the pictures of all those beautiful vegetables always gets the creative juices flowing.

Even if you aren’t going to buy a ton of seed packets, the catalogues are full of information.

From artichokes to zucchini you can read up on what plants work well in what conditions.

So, I have to admit, I don’t seed my tomatoes, cucumber and squash plants early to be planted in spring. I’m too impatient for it.

When it is time to plant the warm weather crops I go to a good nursery like Southwood in Tulsa or TLC in Oklahoma City, and buy good healthy, mature plants and get them in the ground.

On the other hand, I do buy seeds for early crops like carrots, radishes, beets, turnips green beans and sugar snap peas because they don’t transplant well.

And of course I buy the seed potatoes and onion sets for those items, and if I want to add to the asparagus patch I buy the crowns to plant, not seeds.

Speaking of asparagus, if you have a patch of asparagus, I know the fronds look pretty ugly about now. But don’t cut them back!

Leave them until about mid February and then cut them to about 3 or 4 inches above the soil line.

The fronds that grow after harvest time are gathering energy all summer for next year’s crop as well as growing those crowns bigger.

I’m not sure why we leave the dead fronds over the winter but that is what I was taught at school.

So just let them go a little longer!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana