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Oh my gosh! What an absolutely gorgeous weekend!

It was sunny, hot and just awesome Saturday, Sunday and Monday. How appropriate since Monday was the first official day of spring.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like spring is here to stay.

And hey, did you see that sunrise Tuesday morning. Wow!

March sunrise at Grand Lake OK

The lows this week are going to be in the fifties and sixties so I’m thinking some of these potted plants can go outside.

It is a little cool for tomatoes yet, they like the soil to be 60 degrees and above.

The soil is at about mid fifties, which won’t hurt the tomatoes, they will just be slow growing.

So after church Sunday I immediately donned some shorts and flip flops and headed outside.

I weeded and cleaned out another flower bed and the dead stuff out of the pansy pots (they are coming back with a bang), then planted six more broccoli plants, seeded carrots, beets, spinach and threw down some sun flower and zinnia seeds.

Oh, and I cleaned the bird bath and filled it with fresh water and boy were they happy!

Monday turned out another perfect day and my list of projects got even longer.

I started on the screened in porch and cleaned table tops, swept, then cleaned up some over wintered plants and put them out there.

I potted up some Swedish Ivy root cuttings, repotted a couple of other plants and watered the newly planted seeds again.

I had to get sales tax reports done at the restaurant so after that I went to water the onions and asparagus.

That was all I was going to do.

But there were three remaining raised beds that hadn’t been cleaned out yet, so what the heck, got it done!

Well Grand Lake Gardeners, the spring is unfolding beautifully so we may as well start soaking up the outdoors!

I say go for it! Enjoy the Earth! Diana