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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

One down and two more to go.

December will be an entire month of merriment, but we have a lot to be merry about, right?

We spent Thanksgiving in Walnut Creek, California with our grandkids.

The weather was fantastic, in fact we had the big Thanksgiving dinner outside and spent the entire evening outdoors.

Northern California weather is very similar to ours, maybe a little warmer and the nights are cool but they haven’t had a freeze of any kind yet so their vegetable garden is still going.

Their tomato plant is HUGE and still making tomatoes, although not as big and yummy as summer tomatoes and the artichoke plant that they harvested off earlier is now massive.

I don’t know if they will get any more artichokes before winter settles in, but the plant is gorgeous.

Our kids live close to wine country, so Sunday we packed up a picnic of sandwiches, cheeses and crackers and went to Napa Valley for a little wine tasting.

It had cooled off and was a little rainy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our picnic on the back of Josh’s truck with a bottle of wine we purchased at Regusci Winery.

This winery had a giant vegetable garden that would make anyone envious.

Not only did they have several raised beds and a huge pumpkin patch, the garden was edged on two sides by lemon trees and they were loaded with fruit.

I was in heaven!

Well, I could go on forever about all the fun things we got to see and do, but look below for more pictures.

Meanwhile…Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Our Thanksgiving Dinner layout:

Thanksgiving 2017

Regusci Winery garden:

Regusci winery garden

Winery vegetables honor system:

winery vegetables honor system

Lemon trees!

California lemon trees

Artichoke plant!

California artichoke plant


California tomatos