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O.K. Grand Lakers, it’s Labor Day Weekend!

We want to welcome our full timers, part timers and first timers to our beautiful lake.

And the weather is going to be awesome! Sunset from the Artichoke in Langley Oklahoma

Speaking of perfect weather…the breeze was out of the north on Monday and the high was 82-ish. Perfect for gardening on my day off, right?

So I spent most of the day outside, and it turned out to be a “bugs and worms” kind of day.

I went to the restaurant to water, and ended up picking beetles off the squash, and then spotted those big fat horn worms on the tomato plants.

I have noticed the damage but hadn’t been able to find them.

Folks, the horn worms start small and then get as big as your finger from eating your tomato foliage.

Because they are green like a leaf they are very hard to find, but if the top of your tomato is being eaten, you need to look for these guys.

Once you find them, either gently pull it off without squishing it (gross!), or just snip the stem off so you don’t even have to touch them.

Then I went home and found another kind of beetle and another kind of worm eating my broccoli!

So I patiently picked them all off and hopefully a couple of broccoli bushes will survive.

Finally I planted potatoes, sugar snap peas, pole beans and carrots to finish out the fall garden.

I’m a little late but it is better than not planting at all.

This is our last weekend for the Saturday Morning Market so come and shop! Have a safe holiday weekend and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana