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What a crazy busy week we have had with a house full of grandkids! We have had great weather, good food, and lots of fun.

Everyone came in Saturday afternoon, got settled in and rested from their travels, then of course came to dinner at The Artichoke. We’d had several big tables all evening, so what’s another 8-top at 8:00, right?

I was pretty tired and at one point I dropped a small plate on Donnie’s flatware, making a racket, and in my effort to catch it I knocked over a wine glass…bottom line, it made quite a clatter.

The whole dining room got quiet and I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I turned around to face the guests and said, ‘Sorry’ in a louder voice than I expected.

It caught everyone by surprise, including me, and I busted out laughing, followed by everyone else in the dining room!

What better way to start our family weekend than getting a good laugh at Grandma!!

So I have been working hard to get the yard and gardens looking great for our guests.

The rain last week certainly helped green up the yard, but the potted plants don’t quite benefit the same way.

Gorgeous petunias in Oklahoma

Even with my watering, some of them are looking pretty bad from the hot spells.

If you have some in the same shape, now is a good time to cut the dead stuff back, give it a bit of fresh soil and a good dose of fertilizer.

In about a week or so it should green up and snap out of it.

I also have some potted plants that have taken up all the soil with their roots making it hard to absorb water, therefore stressing the plant.

In that case it is time to put it into a bigger pot.

With more space and some fresh soil, it will become a happy plant again.

Keeping tabs on your potted plants can prevent having to replace them.

And don’t forget to fertilize the ones in the ground too!

The Saturday Market continues to get better and we appreciate you coming to shop with us.

We had a good selection of tomatoes last weekend, along with all the other yummy vegetables, meats, eggs, etc.

Hope you are having a Grand summer!

Enjoy the earth! Diana