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Well, the first day of fall was Wednesday the 23rd and it was one of the hotter days this month!

But that is typical of Oklahoma, right?

We are going to be in the mid-eighties all week so don’t put up the shorts and flip flops yet.

Or bathing suits for that matter because it looks like the weekend is looking pretty good for boating on the lake!

So we didn’t get much rain out of that front last week so I’m still watering.

Some of the summer annuals are looking great but some are looking a little tired.

Some of the marigolds just look awful, and there are some petunias that are a little gangly.

On one hand, you hate to pull up perfectly good flowers, and it is getting close to time for pansies.

On the other hand, pansies aren’t fond of hot weather so it wouldn’t hurt to wait another week before going crazy on pansies.

Hmmmm…At this point I am going to freshen the soil and trim off all the gangly ugly parts and or completely remove the plant if it is really bad.

If the whole pot is looking bad I’m taking it all out and get it ready for pansies.

I also noticed that some of my tomatoes look terrible. A lot of the foliage is covered in black spot.

But, there is plenty of good foliage going on and there are tomatoes still being made and ripening up, so I am going to keep cleaning them up until it gets too cold for them to produce.

Again, It’s hard to dig up a plant that is still doing something, especially when we have another week of hot weather!

Get outside and soak up the sunshine. And always…

Enjoy the Earth! Diana