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Well, the warm temperatures are still holding and it looks like the coolest low for the week is 40-ish, so I took my citrus trees and the avacado tree outside.

I know, it is taking a chance and I may have to bring them back in, but I’m so ready to get them out of our bedroom!

Both citrus trees are blooming and although their scent is lovely, too much of it is overwhelming.

Spring plantings in Oklahoma

And how about the rain? We are finally getting some good soaking rain and it smells so earthy after a good rain.

The aroma of wet soil and the scent of spring in the air.

We are just a few days from the first day of spring and Mother Nature is exploding with life.

The trees are leafing out and all kinds of green things are popping out of the ground. I love this time of year!

So our lawn guy got the gardens at the Artichoke ready for planting, replaced several boards on the raised beds and mixed in some mushroom compost.

He also got the round horse trough in the middle of the garden filled with soil so now I have another garden area.

I am going to use it for squashes and cukes and maybe the squash bugs won’t find them! I can only hope…

I have one bed of onions planted and one bed is full of asparagus, which we had our first few spears Monday night.

The rest of the gardens will get plants later because much of what we use in the restaurant are warm weather crops.

Bell peppers, jalapeños, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

But if this weather keeps up I might take the chance and get them in this week!

Meanwhile back at the house, I got all my potatoes, onions, broccoli and kale planted, and seeded carrots, snap peas and beets.

It was a blast being outside soaking up the gorgeous weather!

The season is upon us so get out there and get dirty! Enjoy the Earth! Diana