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Holy Hollyhock! Are we having fun this summer or what?

We have had rain, heat, more rain, heat, then after about drowning in the rain last week, we went back to a major heat wave.

And with all that humidity it got down right oppressive.

But, I got out there Monday (my Saturday) and started on the long list of chores.

Crepe myrtle before trimming

Starting at The Choke, I watered, did some weeding, harvested some peppers and tomatoes, and cleaned up the tomato plants.

It is about this time that the tomatoes have a bunch of old, yellow/brown foliage that needs to be cleaned up.

It is a pain, but it will help the plant and keep disease at bay.

And here is a tip.

The spiders are out there making their webs.

They are a good thing for the garden but I would recommend checking out where they are before you jump into pruning, harvesting or anything else in the garden.

I stuck my head right into a big spider web last week.

I jumped around yelping and running my fingers through my hair, looking like a goof ball. So now I look carefully before I reach.

Another tomato issue many of you have asked about is why the tomatoes are splitting.

Crepe myrtle after trimming

Well, it is due to the buckets of rain we had last week.

When the plant is taking on so much water, the tomato can’t grow fast enough to accomodate it, so it splits.

But no matter. Even if the tomato is split down one side, just cut off the top split part, wedge out the side split, and eat the rest!

Who said a tomato had to be pretty to be delicious?!?!

I also did some cleaning up on the crepe myrtles.

They are finally blooming and doing well, but the bottoms were thick with suckers, hiding the beautiful bark.

So starting at the bottom, I cut all of those suckers around the base off, clear down to the soil line.

The goal is to have three to five main trunks, depending on the size of the plant, so those suckers are just taking away from the plant.

Then I trimmed up the little branches to about 18″ from the soil line, again, depending on the size of it, and voila!

They look more like a tree than a bush, which is what it should look like.

Well, the Saturday Market is going fantastic.

We have Sara and her beef and now we have Levi with his pork!!

It was a hit last week! In fact, a customer went home and cooked some of his bacon, and came back for more!

We had the pork chops and they were delicious.

Come and shop for lots of locally grown veggies…tomatoes, onions, potatoes, corn, squash, cucumbers and all the other goodies we have available.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana