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Well the groundhog supposedly saw his shadow so there should be six more weeks of winter.

But it sure doesn’t look that way around here!

I sure hope things don’t start budding out and then have a big freeze because that delays everything for spring!

We can’t control the crazy weather so we just have to go with the flow.

Grandkids at the greenhouse

I spent my Sunday/Monday weekend in Oklahoma City to spend time with our grandsons.

They have been showing some interest in growing house plants and have only started some plants from cuttings.

So I wanted to take them to TLC Garden Center, my favorite place to go, plus I wanted to pick up some onion plants and potato seeds.

Oh my gosh!

You would have thought I took them to a giant candy store!

They couldn’t believe all the beautiful flowers and house plants and cactus.

So like a good grandma, I let them each pick out a plant and Becky bought them each a colorful pot.

I picked out some onion plants and potatoe seeds a couple of flats of pansies.

Being in a nice warm greenhouse filled with healthy beautiful plants will make anybody happy.

After loading up our cart, we all left with big smiles on our faces.

I took pictures of the onions to show the difference in onion sets and onion plants that I discussed last week.

They also had really nice big asparagus crowns so I took a picture of them also.

Check out all these awesome greenhouse pictures! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

TLC Garden Center

Sweet onions


Asparagus crowns

Plants from TLC