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Oh my goodness…The heat is on!

Mother Nature must have worn herself out with all the spring rains, because the faucet is off as well!

So to keep all the beautiful flowers and veggies looking good, you better be out there watering.

Don’t wait until the flowers are weeping and dry because it will take longer for them to recover and look pretty again.

Keep in mind the plants have been use to very moderate temperatures and plenty of water, and that has changed.

Just trying to help… Oklahoma turnips

The other thing all those plants need right now is fertilizer.

The flowers are blooming like crazy and they need nourishment to keep it up.

I just use the Miracle Gro blue stuff you dissolve in water and pour it on the root area of the plant. It is quick and easy to use.

During the summer you should probably fertilize your flowers about every three weeks.

On the other hand, you need to be careful about fertilizing the tomatoes.

With this warmer weather they are taking off and you may be tempted to fertilize them heavily to get them going.

The nitrogen in the fertilizer will get them going all right, but it will only make more green leaves (that is why is makes your lawn greener) and you may end up with a big healthy bush with no blooms.

No blooms means no tomatoes.

So when you fertilize tomatoes, use one with a low nitrogen number, which is the first number of the three numbers listed.

So that is our fun fact of the week.

The weather is going to be fantastic this week so you must come to the Saturday Market.

Last week we had tons of veggies including squashes and green beans, plus bread, pies, cookies, hummus, home made butter and cream cheese, eggs, honey, jams, jellies, salsa…the list goes on.

Grab your sun hat and come and see us!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana