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Now this is more like a typical Oklahoma summer! Hot, humid, oppressive, and no rain!

And it sure is taking its toll on the landscape. Sunset from the Artichoke in Langley Oklahoma

We know it is going to happen every summer, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

So it is a daily struggle to keep the plants going.

Fortunately, we have had great summer weather a lot longer than normal. This kind of heat is usually here by July 4th, not the end of July.

So our tomato plants at The Choke are big and lush and loaded with tomatoes.

They will likely stop making new tomatoes with the heat but there are so many that we will have tomatos for a while.

The squash and cucumber plants are huge also and they love the heat.

As long as you keep them watered and keep the beetles at bay, they will keep producing.

And keep the dead leaves cleaned up…on everything.

With the heat and humidity, all that dead debris can bring on disease, so take the time to do this chore. The garden will look better too.

As far as the potted flowers go, some of them are starting to look poopy and droopy.

So it is a good time to give them a hair cut, trimming back the yucky foliage, then give them a dose of fertilizer.

They won’t look any worse than they did, and believe it or not, they will recover in a couple of weeks and start blooming again on fresh growth.

We had plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peppers at the Saturday Market, and okra, another hot weather crop, is becoming available.

Along with Sara’s grass fed beef, tamales, eggs, and you never know what other goodies will be available!

Come and see us, 9:00 til about noon, due to the heat.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana