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WOW! It’s October and we are still having some 80+ degree days. Crazy!

Looks like it will cool down a little this week, but the real fall weather is coming next week…or so we hope.

Anyway, the weather was perfect for the South Grand Lake Chamber’s Hook n’ Cook Off last Saturday and looks like it will be good for the Lion’s Club Chili Cook Off this weekend!

Thank you Mother Nature, but we are still short on rain…

So with the cooler weather comes some fall chores.

You don’t absolutely have to clean out the flowerbeds in the fall and lot of plants are still looking great.

But as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, they will begin to wane.

Definitely remove any dead or diseased plants now, and as I said last week, you can start replacing some of those dwindling summer annuals with pansies, violas and mums.

When it comes to perennials, leave the tops on healthy perennials until spring to protect the crowns from really cold temperatures this winter.

The exception to that is the peony.

By this time the foliage looks pretty pitiful plus this somewhat diseased foliage can infect the new foliage when it leafs out next spring.

So get rid of the ugly on those Peonies. You will be helping it!!

See photos below.

One perennial vegetable that you should leave alone is asparagus.

Right now you should have a nice flush of green fronds in the asparagus bed.

Like other summer plants, it will begin to turn brown and go dormant. But DON’T cut it down!

Those fronds will protect the crowns over the winter, plus, for whatever reason, you will cut your production in half.

So learn to live with the brown stuff for a while. You will be glad you did.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Peony before clipping

Peony after clipping