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Well the Dog Days of summer are here, that is for sure.

But how about that cold front last week! Here it was mid-July and it dropped to 67 degrees!

Unfortunately it didn’t last but a day, but what a nice break.

We have actually had a pretty good summer weather wise, but thanks to a big blob of hot air hovering over us, it is going to be hotter than blazes for the next week.

So I’m glad I took my own advice and upgraded my smaller pots to bigger ones and freshened up the soil in others.

In fact I had a whole list of chores to do Monday and my back was out of whack.

But I got lucky because our lawn guy, Alan, happened to come to mow that morning.

So I asked if he wanted a little “extra bonus” and who wouldn’t, right?

So with a lot of help from him, we weeded, potted, blew leaves off the porch, hot tub area and from around the A/C unit, even blew out the garage! All in a couple hours! Awesome!!

Then I spent an hour watering.

You have heard this from me a hundred times, but with this kind of heat you have to water the pots every day, and the gardens at least very other day.

Hopefully we won’t hit 100 degrees up here, but even high 90’s are going to stress everything.

I know, it is a one of the least favorite chores, but you have to do it!

So it took a while for home grown tomatoes, and now there are tons of tomatoes at the Saturday Market. (And ours are really home grown.)

Just a reminder, home grown tomatoes are not the pretty ones, the pretty ones are hot house tomatoes that have been bred to look flawless, but taste like cardboard.

Don’t make that mistake!

We also have lots of blackberries, squashes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, peppers, jalapeños, along with eggs, beef, pork, hummus, yogurt salad, and the tamale lady might be back this weekend.

Come and shop! Enjoy the earth! Diana