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Welcome to August, and the ‘dog days of summer’.

But wait! The hottest day this week is only 90 degrees! The rest are in the 80’s!

What the heck? This is incredible to have a string of days in the 80’s with 60’s at night! Yippee!

Well, that will get the tomatoes back on track and if you opted to cut back your gangly flowers, they will have a much better recovery with this kind of weather versus blazing heat.

And we actually got a little bit of rain, which wasn’t enough to thoroughly soak the ground, but it still freshens the air and rinses off the landscape.

I would take this weather the rest of the summer.

We went to Oklahoma City this weekend to see grandsons and it was pretty hot and dry there.

Donnie had asked if it was too late to plant some veggies and actually, it you can find the plants, there is still plenty of time for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squashes and okra to produce.

So of course we stopped in at my favorite place, TLC Garden Center, because I knew if anyone would have some warm weather crops left, they would.

I didn’t find any tomatoes but I got some bell peppers and jalapeño pepper plants that were healthy and loaded with peppers and blooms.

They had lots of lush herbs of all kinds as well.

And I thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the flowers and plants…with Jim patiently pushing the cart with all my purchases.

There are other vegetables to plant for fall, and we will cover those in the coming weeks.

But if you can find any left over summer crops, get them in the ground!

Meanwhile, come and see us at the Saturday Morning Market, 9:00-noon- ish.

We had plenty of tomatoes! Enjoy the Earth! Diana