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Well it looks like the fall color is going to last one more week. The Sweetgum tree in front of our house is really changing color this week.

Thank you Mother Nature for a beautiful fall!

So there are other colors you can enjoy this time of year.

There are several flowers that like the cool weather.

Snap Dragons will bloom until a hard freeze and come in a variety of colors. They will also drop seed and pop up again in the

Mums come in yellows, purples, oranges, burgundies, and offer a great pop of color for about a month.

My favorites are the pansies and violas. They come in all kinds of bright colors, yellow, orange, rose, rust and several shades of blue and purple.

Pansies really like the cold weather and will bloom throughout the winter until we have a killing freeze.

But they, too, will come back in the early spring and bloom until it gets into the upper 80’s and 90’s.

When you plant your pansies, trim off the old blooms to help the plant flourish in its new home.

Be careful not to snip the unopened buds because they look very similar.

Old blooms will leave a little seed ball, and unopened blooms will have delicate petals waiting to open.

Add some blood meal to the soil when planting for a gentle fertilizer.

The ornamental kales and cabbages are another great choice for colder weather.

They come in softer shades of purples, greens, roses and creams.

They will not hurt you if you eat them, but they won’t taste very good.

They are grown more for their beautiful foliage, not for flavor.

I got my pots replanted this weekend.

You don’t have to replant every pot you own, just a few will add some bright color for the winter!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

fall colors

fall flowers

colorful fall flowers