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Was that eclipse Sunday night the coolest thing to watch?!

We went to our friends’s house for a day of fun and relaxation.

When we bought our first little lake house in Gran Tara many years ago, we talked Debbie and Larry into buying the house next door.

Little did we know at the time that we would all eventually leave Oklahoma City and live at Grand Lake.

Now we are on the Langley bluff, and they built a huge house north of Goat Island, which is pain to get to by land but a gorgeous spot on the lake.

So we attended a fabulous afternoon party with them, thanks Lynn and Ron for your hospitality, took a boat ride at 4:30-ish, had cocktails and dinner on their deck, then caught the fantastic showing of the eclipse and blood moon.

Oh my gosh! The reflection on the lake was incredible and watching the shadow slowly move across the moon was so cool!!

OK, I’ll shut up and talk about gardening…

Well, we are in for some cooler weather again so it is time to get some pansies, kale and chard in the ground.

Let’s talk Kale.

Warmer temperatures will cause kale to bolt so this cool down is a perfect time to plant kale.

In fact, when temperatures drop lower than 60 degrees the colors really pop, and kale can even take temps as low as 10 degrees.

Ornamental kale is edible, but some may have a sour flavor.

The more colorful ones are best used as garnishing.

Whether you eat it or not, the kales and cabbages are great cold weather plants to beautify your pots and gardens.

Swiss Chard “Bright Lights” are also beautiful plants and are definitely edible and tasty. “Bright Lights” have dark green leaves with stems and veins in yellow, orange, red and burgandy.

Chard can be sauteed with a little garlic, butter, salt and pepper for a delicious side, or add into soups.

Chard is also pretty tolerant of cold temperatures and often times will come back in the spring.

And don’t forget the happy little pansies and violas that are also edible.

I wouldn’t say they are tasty, but they make a beautiful garnish on a salad.

Frisby’s Greenhouse has all of these available, so get out there and dig!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana