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Well heck fire – We are on the back side of October!

With these warm sunny days my brain is telling me it is late summer, especially not having much rain in the last month.

Our yard went from nice and green to brown and hard as a brick.

But we are supposed to get some rain this weekend, and hopefully more than a short shower. We need a soaker!

In spite of having another 80 degree day this week, it is going to cool down again.

The nights are beginning to get down in the forties so it is time to get serious about bringing in the tropical plants, especially the ones that aren’t on a covered porch.

I know I go over this every year, but some of you may be new readers and this process needs to be done.

Try to pick a warm day because you will probably get wet.

First do a cursory check for signs of pests and remove any dead leaves.

Then hose all the foliage down with a fairly strong spray of water, on top and underneath the leaves to help knock off any pests.

Next you need to clean the pot and saucer real good.

I usually get a bucket of hot soapy water and a cloth and wash the pot down, making sure to get under the rim where spiders like to lay their eggs.

Same thing with the saucer.

Rinse both down with the hose and set the plants in the sun to dry.

Once they are dry, wheel them inside and place them in as similar sunny spot as they were.

If the plant needs a lot of sun, a south window would be best.

If it needs part sun, an east or west window would work.

If it doesn’t need direct sun, you have a lot more flexibility.

It know it is a pain in the neck, I have three trees to do and several large, medium and small pots to do.

But it is worth it to keep anything from coming inside and infecting your other house plants.

In fact, this is a good time to clean up the inside plants as well.

Then you can start the fall/winter season with happy plants!

And then you can come see us for dinner at The Artichoke (you can do that anyway)!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana