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Oh well, we are still on the weather roller coaster. It was 88 degrees Saturday and then only 65 on Sunday.

Didn’t get a whole lot of rain out of that cool front either. And we will see 80 degrees again by the weekend…whatever!

I mentioned fall chores recently and Jim and I hit a big one a week ago.

It started after lunch while debating a nap, and Jim said “I really need to do some chores”, and I said, “I will help…”.

So what was on his list? Cleaning the gutters, which were piled with old pine needles, leaves, and gunk that builds up on top of the mesh covers and in the valleys of the roof.

So, I climbed up on the roof with the leaf blower and a small shovel and blew everything off the roof and the top of the guttering and Jim cleaned out anything that had gotten into the gutters.

The mesh covers definitely help and they are easy to install.

It’s amazing what we can do with my new hip and Jim’s new knee because we kicked it on cleaning out the gutters!

Oh, the bonus is that all that stuff was mostly composted down, so it went right into the compost pile!

That brings us to this year’s leaves, because not much has fallen yet.

Our lawn guy has been mowing about every two weeks which keeps the lawn neat and mulches the leaves that have dropped.

The days are getting shorter and the temps are cooler so the leaves should start their fall color change and begin to drop.

Keep them raked up or mulched with a mower because even when it is dormant, the lawn will suffer if left covered in leaves.

Not my favorite chore, but it has to be done!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana