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Well school has started and we are coming to the end of summer.

But not really, Grand Lakers like to drag summer out as long as we can, right?

Boating, swimming, sunning, gardening…lets keep it going!

We spent a couple of days at Downstream Casino celebrating our anniversary so we got to enjoy the solar eclipse poolside.

It was so cool! No, really!

As the moon started blocking the sun, the temperature started dropping.

It didn’t get dark, in fact it stayed very light even with just a sliver of sun showing.

But the strangest thing was the sun wasn’t hot on our skin or on the concrete.

It’s amazing how much less heat there was yet plenty of light.

As the moon moved on, the heat from the sunlight became hot on the skin again.

It was an awesome science lesson, that is for sure!

So we only have a couple of weekends left for the Saturday Morning Market so don’t miss out on our goodies.

We still have vegetables and canned pickles and salsa, baked goods, tamales and Sara’s Grass Fed Beef.

Sara is taking orders for sides of beef so if you are interested she can be reached at (918) 244-7084.

Enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars, and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana