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Well I hope you have your jet shoes on, because we are flying to the end of the year. Thanksgiving is gone, and Christmas is right around the corner.

I don’t know what the weather has been like here since we spent Thanksgiving in sunny California to see our grandkids…well, it was mostly sunny but real cold!!

It got down to 29 in Walnut Creek one morning. Yikes! But overall, the weather was good to us.

So, the grandkids went to the other grandma’s on Sunday and Christy, Josh and Jim and I took a day trip to Napa Valley about an hour away from their house.

It started out cold, but the sun came out and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

Of course, any day is gorgeous when you are tasting fine wines in Napa, right?

2015 Thanksgiving in Napa Valley

We had two tastings set up, one by our wine broker in Oklahoma with the Blackbird Winery, and the other was set up by a friend of Josh’s at the Joseph Phelps winery.

Thank goodness we only had two lined up because they gave us five and six wines to taste at both wineries, (usually it is three) plus we had lunch in between tastings.

Napa has some of the best restaurants and we ate at The Farmstead.

Oh my gosh! We started with some oysters on the half shell and a grilled artichoke appetizer, and it was the best artichoke ever!

Between the four of us we blew through it in about five minutes.

Then I had a wonderful baby greens salad that included baby arugula and toasted almonds in a light vinaigrette, and then the entrees came.

We all had a different entree so we could try a bite of all four.

After all that we went to our second tasting and needless to say, when we got home, we were toast!

No, not toasted, just “fat and happy” toast!

We flew home on Tuesday and even though we had a great time out there, it is always good to be back at Grand Lake.

There are beautiful places to visit, but our lake is awesome!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana