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How about this gorgeous weather two weeks in a row???

Eighties in August doesn’t suck! Heck! Even the 92 degree days are a treat this time of year, and then sixties at night…it doesn’t get any better than that!

Jim and I just celebrated our anniversary on the 15th and 23 years ago we tied the knot with an outside ceremony, and at 7:00 pm, it was seventy something degrees.

We got lucky on that day, in more ways than one!! Haha!

Anyway, with the very pleasant weather, I did outside chores almost every day.

I added some bags of top soil and mushroom compost to the boat garden and veggie garden and planted most of my new stuff in the boat. (I’ve been having Mr. Bunny issues in the veggie garden.)

I got all the broccoli, lettuce and Brussel sprouts planted, planted some carrot and beet seeds, cleaned out some weeds, dead headed some herbs and flowers, added some fresh soil to the potted plants and gave them a hit of fertilizer to help them recover from all that heat.

By Friday I realized that I was pooped so I took Friday off from the chores and had some girl time at the pool.

So I did plant a few of the new plants in the vegetable garden.

Last fall Mr. Bunny ate my broccoli plants to the ground, and he has really done some damage to the asparagus plumes this summer.

I know it is him because I have caught him with a mouthful of bright green!

It is obvious he caught on to the fake snakes.

So I finally decided to try some repellant spray.

This stuff is pretty stinky, but it appears to be working because the new broccoli plants are untouched…so far.

The Saturday Market is still kicking.

Sara has all the cuts of her grass fed beef, we still have vegetables, baked goods, hummus, jewelry and lots of fun from 9:00 to noon.

Hope you enjoy the outdoors this week and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana