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Well Mother Nature sure gave us a little scare last Thursday night.

Boat Garden 2017

It was predicted to get as low as 36 degrees with frost warnings in some areas. Yikes!

I contemplated bringing in the citrus trees and decided not to.

But, we didn’t see any frost so it must not have stayed cold very long because the trees looked fine.

Fortunately I haven’t planted any warm weather crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.

They would have been very unhappy.

I found a book called “100+ Gardening Hacks” and it is full of fun, helpful ideas to make your gardening chores easier.

I wanted to share a few:



  • Make weeding easy by sitting on a 5 gallon bucket instead of kneeling. I bought a kid’s plastic footstool at the $$ store years ago. Saves the back!
  • Feed plants with banana peels. Cut them into small pieces and spread them at the base of the plants. It can prevent aphids, and adds phosphorus, which promotes root growth, and potassium which is needed for plant functions like respiration, transpiration and nutrient absorption.
  • Get rid of broad-leaf weeds like henbit and dandelions by filling a spray bottle with vinegar (as close to 10% acidity as possible) and thoroughly spray the leaves and base of the weed. Be careful not to splash onto grass or other plants.
  • To get rid of weeds in sidewalks or driveway cracks, pour boiling water on them, again, be careful not to splash onto good plants or turf. Boiling water will also get rid of ants by pouring it down the center of the nest.
  • Pour Some beer into a frisbee or a small butter dish and set it in the soil so edge is level with soil. Slugs love beer and they will fall in and drown. Check it often because you will be amazed how quickly it fills up.

Watch for more tips as we work our way through the spring season!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana