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Boy, Mother Nature sure flung us into summer, big time. The heat is on and that is great for the warm weather crops, but along with the heat comes the pests.

So we must get prepared to deal with the higher temperatures.

Grand Lake summertime sunrise

Last week when I was watering at The Artichoke, I saw my first squash beetle.

They do not like water and they will start crawling to the top if the plant making them easy to get.

So I immediately went in and got a foam cup with soap and scalding hot water out of the coffee machine, donned the latex gloves, and started picking them off. And throwing them in the cup of torture water, of course.

I got about 8 or 10 of them, two of which were fooling around! Gross! I didn’t see any eggs yet, but I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Now I am getting fewer adults but finding little patches of eggs here and there.

The eggs are brown and teeny tiny and are grouped together on the top and bottom of the leaves and down the stems.

I just rub them off into the torture water if they are on the stem, and I just tear off the affected leaf piece and put it in the cup.

This has to be done at least every other day!!! Even if the plants don’t need to be watered, a little sprinkle will bring them out for easy removal. I will try anything to avoid using pesticides!

Well, we have some beautiful squash at The Saturday Market, and potatoes, onions, peppers, beets, turnips, broccoli, garlic, and plenty of farm fresh eggs.

And I always have hummus and cucumber yogurt salad. Come and see us before you go to the grocery store!

Don’t forget to water the gardens when it is hot and dry, and be sure to fertilize the flowers AND veggies every two or three weeks.

They are working hard and need nourishment! Enjoy the Earth!