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Happy New Year Grand Lakers and Hudson Lakers!!

I can’t believe 2016 is coming to an end!

2016 Oklahoma sunset

Seems we were just picking tomatoes out in the garden, planting fall crops, and soaking up the warm sunshine, and we were, thanks to our extended warm fall.

I just used the last of my tomatoes that have been ripening in a box.

So it seems like summer was just a few weeks ago, then came the whirlwind of holidays.

First Thanksgiving, then a Winter Solstice party celebrating the first day of winter, then Christmas, and boom! The year is over just like that. Snap!

So we need to make every moment count while getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Day and prepare for 2017.

Rather than make a long list of resolutions I’m keeping it simple. How about these?

Try to be thankful every day that we get to live on and enjoy a beautiful lake.

Tell your spouse or significant other you love them, every day. Even if you’d rather…

Continue to have Happy Feet, making exercise fun through music and dance with friends.

Strive to eat healthy with more fish and vegetables, but allow for some cheating. Like a rib eye steak grilled medium rare…

Even if your are an old poop, don’t act like one. Do or say something nice to someone every day, it will make you smile.

Enjoy the time in the garden, hanging out with the bugs and worms, and don’t get mad at the lawn guy when he eats a tomato.

Finally, find something beautiful in nature every day, and always…Enjoy the Earth!