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Hey Grand Lakers!

Get ready for a repeat of spring because we are having a rainy spell again.

The last thing anyone in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana needed was a tropical storm!

But there it is, bringing copious amounts of rain.

And we have three catering events this week!

Oh well, break out the rain gear and go on with life. fake snake in the garden

Well, I went to Oklahoma City early Sunday morning to catch the end of a family reunion.

Later I met up with high school girl friends because our friend, Patty, came in from Evergreen, Colorado.

When folks around here ask about deer deterrents, Patty is the one that told me that male urine will keep deer off of anything…she should know, she deals with herds of elk and deer.

She does emphasize that you should be cognizant of your neighbors, so if you send your hubby out to “treat” the garden, you might want to wait until dark.

And only apply this treatment to the edges. Teehee…

We don’t have deer on the Langley bluff, but I am having an issue with a bunny in the garden at home.

Mr. Bunny isn’t eating stuff but he is breaking off the asparagus fronds, smashing plants, and he has knocked the onion tops over.

I know he did it because they should not be flopped over yet, and they are all flopped over to one side. real snake in the garden

Anyway, I started moving the big fake snake around and it seems to have helped.

The next thing we have to worry about is the squirrels eating the tomatoes as they ripen.

Those #%&!’s will take one bite out of a tomato and leave it on the ground to rot.

Again, the fake snakes seem to work, but you have to move them around.

And keep in mind there are real snakes out there too.

Jim went out to the garage and stepped over a fake snake he thought floated out on the sidewalk from the rain. It turns out it was a real snake, harmless but creepy.

Well with all this rain the crops are thriving so there is plenty of fresh locally grown produce to buy at The Saturday Morning Market.

We had green beans, potatoes, onions, lettuce, turnips, beets, snap peas, broccoli, squashes, green tomatoes, baked goods, eggs, grass fed beef, hummus, pottery and jewelry.

Unless it is raining cats and dogs, we are open for business!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana