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Well as crazy as this up and down weather is, if we hadn’t had the 19 degree hit a week ago we would still have a lot going in the garden.

That one night of hard freeze really did some damage to the hardy cold weather plants.

It damaged the kale, stunned the broccoli and Brussel sprouts, wiped out the parsley and cilantro and some of the ornamental cabbages don’t look so good.

The pansies are the only thing that look pretty good other than evergreen plants, so don’t forget to water them! We are super dry this winter.

I am frequently asked about pruning Knock Out roses because they can get pretty big by the end of the growing season.

At this point the roses are beginning to lose their leaves and it looks like it wouldn’t hurt to do a little trimming.

But pruning this time of year can be detrimental to the woody trees and shrubs, especially roses.

They begin to start storing energy in their roots in early fall which is going to help them thrive next spring.

If you prune right now, it can cause the plant to start making new leaves.

The tender new growth can be damaged by freezing temps, leaving it open for pathogens to enter the plant.

These crazy up and down temperatures can make it even worse. (I’ve been saying the plants are confused with the weather)

Unless the rose bush has grown so large a load of ice and snow could damage it, it is best to leave it alone until mid-March.

Speaking of snow and ice, we need some kind of moisture out there!! Come on Mother Nature! Give us a little drink down here!!!

Until then, don’t forget to water!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana