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Howdy Grand Lakers!

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather because it is probably here to stay. How appropriate since Sunday was the official first day of summer, and the longest day of the year (14 hrs. 41 mn.).

The heat is ripening the tomatoes. We’ve had several vine ripe tomatoes and oh my gosh, are they good!

The bell peppers and jalapeños are producing like crazy so that means awesome salsa. Woo hoo!

Sunday I went to the restaurant to water, just to water, and ended up spending 2+ hours there.

The spring crops needed to be cleaned out and the potato plants were all layed over and had signs of beetles so I started with the first one, being careful not to damage the taters and carefully dug them up.

There were a ton of potatoes! Potato harvest at The Artichoke

So I went on to the next one, and same thing! My eyes were as big as saucers!

I could see that my bucket wasn’t big enough, so I got a potato box from the cardboard recycling and proceeded to dig the rest of them up.

I must have said ‘Holy Cow’ a dozen times!

With five plants, I probably got 15-20 lbs. of potatoes.

Then I cleaned out some over grown lettuce and tackled some “out of control” arugula that had a bunch of beetles too.

I had a blast and got so much done I was doing my happy dance!

Of course, it about wore me out. I was hot, dirty, achy and ready to head back to the house.

As always, a good shower cleans up anything, followed by an ice cold martini made by the master of martinis, Jim, and soon I was good as new.

That is how I spent my longest day…

So we are loaded with lots of veggies at the Saturday Market, along with all the other goodies, so come see us Saturday morning and stock up on the good stuff!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana