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Wow! Spring is on a roll.

It looks like we are in for some consistent warm weather, at least for a week.The lows are going to remain in the fifties and sixties, so my plants are out of the house! Yippee!!!

That is not to say we couldn’t have another freeze, but let’s hope we are done with that.

So a lot of folks are asking about the Saturday Market and when we will start.

It is going to depend on how the growing season goes for my vendors.

There might be some spring crops available by mid May, so we will see.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up to get my vegetable garden planted with warm weather crops.

So how about flowers? Planting Pansies in Oklahoma

According to Oklahoma Gardener magazine, there are three categories of summer annuals.

Frost-hardy annuals include Snap Dragons, Pansies and Petunias and can be planted anytime this month.

The label will say “plant as soon as ground can be worked”.

My pansies from the fall are thriving right now, but if you plant some now, remember they will dwindle when the weather gets hot.

The second group is frost tender and includes Begonias, Impatiens and Marigolds. The label on these will say “plant after last expected frost”.

The third group is plants are from warmer areas and do not take a frost at all. Their labels will say “plant after last frost and soil warms”.

If you just have to get that big Hibiscus, you might put it in a pot that can be moved into the garage in case we happen to have a cold snap.

Bottom line, it is a crap shoot, but I am going to start getting some flowers in the ground and pray for continued warm weather and gentle April showers!

Enjoy the Earth!