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Boy, Mother Nature did a fantastic job on the weather for the last big weekend of the summer, didn’t she?

Sunny, 90’s, no rain to interrupt boating, rock crawling, swimming, gardening, or anything else you wanted to do outside.

It was probably more summer-like over the entire holiday weekend than it has been all summer.

Then just like that – Tuesday morning the wind came out of the north and things cooled down.

It was like she turned summer off and turned fall on. Grasshopper

I spent time in the garden on Monday when it was hot and sunny.

This week there were lots of butterflies and caterpillars.

I found a bunch of caterpillars on my carrot tops (from spring planting) and these are the ones that will make butterflies, unlike the nasty horn worms.

So I snipped all the stems with caterpillars and threw them over the bluff.

That way, they can still eat and grow into a butterfly, but far away from my carrots!

The rest of the time was spent weeding and trimming dead stuff off the flowers.

Everything looked so much better when I finished.

It is very satisfying to see the results of your efforts…so if your gardens and pots are needing a little attention, I would highly recommend doing those chores now because the weather is going to be awesome.

We might even have to break out a jacket at night. Enjoy the Earth! Diana