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Holy moly! I mentioned Old Man Winter last week and boy did he strike.

I think the weathermen said these are the coldest temperatures we have had since February 2011, and who doesn’t remember that?

It was the opening night of the Tulsa Boat Show and we met friends from OKC to attend the show and stay at the Hard Rock, in spite of predictions of 25 feet of snow.

No way, we said. We will never get that much snow!

We woke up Tuesday morning to see I-44 at a complete standstill, cars and semi trucks sitting on the highway covered in snow.

Well, we weren’t leaving until we saw movement on I-44 and that was three days later!

We are freezing our buns off but at least we didn’t get snow. Homemade lemoncello

And with single digit temps, pretty much everything is a dunner in the garden.

So if you are wanting to play in the dirt, how about trying a citrus tree.

My Meyer Lemon tree finally produced a nice crop and I put them to good use.

I made Lemoncello which is an Italian liquor, and it turned out pretty darn good as a matter of fact.

So when the Calamondin orange tree ripened 20+ pieces of fruit, I made some out of those too.

They are still soaking in alcohol so I haven’t tasted it yet.

But with their tangerine flavors, I bet it will be delicious as well.

And by the way, you can make Lemoncello with regular lemons. Just google it and you will find several recipes.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana.