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O.K. I’m sick of winter!

It isn’t my favorite season in the first place, but I really dislike it when it gets this cold.

Having to leave faucets dripping, the heat runs non-stop, the air is so dry in the house, and layers of clothing to stay warm…is a pain in the neck!

I’ve been talking about taking care of the indoor plants while the outside gardens are frozen.

My citrus trees were really suffering from the dry air in the house.

The Calamondin orange has dropped some leaves, but it had a good canopy to begin with.

It has plenty of oranges in various stages, so it is doing pretty good.

On the other hand, the Meyer Lemon tree looks pitiful.

It looks like it spent every drop of energy making those big lemons and it just can’t seem to make any new leaves.

The problem is, it is starting to make new buds, which will make new lemons, and I don’t know if it has the energy to hold on to and nourish the lemons.

But after waiting for so long to get lemons (years), I hate to cut off the buds!

So I got some fresh new potting soil, added some to both trees with a little bone meal and watered them real good.

I’m watching to make sure they don’t dry out and so far, the leaf drop is subsiding.

I will fertilize in a couple of weeks and hope it will stimulate leaf growth. Ugh!

As I said in the last couple of weeks, the indoor plants will dry out quickly with the heat running so much.

If you draw your water and let it sit overnight, the chlorine and other added chemicals will dissipate, and it will be the right temperature to water the plants!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana.