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Good heavens folks, it’s 2016! Happy New Year Grand Lakers.

As everyone knows by now, the Artichoke is closed for the first week of January so all our employees can have a whole week off.

That includes us, so we are spending our week in Puerto Rico. Woo hoo!

Warm Puerto Rico in January

And guess what?

The temperatures have been in the eighties every day, no rain to speak of, the water is turquoise and gorgeous, the landscape is lush and green…and my allergies have kicked in again, big time! Oh, but it is worth it.

So yeah, we’ve been hanging out at the beach or at the pool, and I’ve been getting a tan without a flip flop tan line for a change.

I also got to join in for some dance lessons out by the pool on Sunday.

We learned the salsa and the cha cha, as well as the merengue, which is from the Dominican Republic.

So I got my workout that day and had a blast!

Sunday night is a big deal in a lot of Hispanic countries. Families gather on Sunday evenings and basically have a fiesta with live music, dancing and lots of fun.

In Puerto Rico, they have it in Old San Juan area.

We went to have dinner and see a Flamenco show that the dance instructor told us about, so we were in the thick of it. It was so cool!

So we have enjoyed a few days of sunning, lounging, shopping, eating and drinking in the tropics and obviously I am not thinking about gardening right now.

I did get a couple of seed catalogs in the mail before we left but they can wait until later.

The Artichoke will be open for business Friday the 8th, so its back to business as usual!

It’s been a fun week, but it’s always great to be back to the lake!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Poolside Iguana