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Well I guess I jinxed us with all that talk about the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having.

We dropped to 28 degrees for a low a couple of nights, and the rain has just stopped.

Yes, I had to bring the citrus trees back in and the one plant I put out on the screened in porch.

Grand Lake sunset

Actually Jim did it for me. I know better but it was so nice for so long….oh well.

I’m glad I didn’t get tempted to put out tomatoes and all the others warm weather crops.

Some folks have asked me about freeze dates. The information I found is taken from records from 1906 to 2015.

The last date for a killing freeze (24 degrees) is March 7. The last date for a hard freeze (28 degrees) is March 18, and the last date for a frost or light freeze (32 degrees) is March 29. Looks like we are right on schedule.

So with that information you can see why we should probably wait a while longer to plant those tender crops.

And the soil needs to be warmer for their roots to thrive, and therefore the plant to thrive.

I am going to wait a couple of weeks and then look for some good size plants that have been growing in a nice warm greenhouse and are already producing.

They are more expensive than the little guys, but if you just buy a few big ones, you will get a jump on getting that first homegrown tomato.

I know some of you would like some garden flowers for Easter so I would recommend maybe buying some hanging baskets that could be set outside for color, but could easily be brought in if a freeze pops up again.

Anything planted in the garden is fair game for Mother Nature! Have an wonderful Easter and always…Enjoy the Earth!