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Good grief Mother Nature! What is with this 95 degree weather?

I was just getting in the mood to roll into fall, and now we are back to summer heat.

Grand Lake sunset cruise

Well, I said a couple of weeks ago that summer wasn’t over at Grand Lake…and it sure isn’t!

Well, we took the opportunity to enjoy it. Since Jim is having knee replacement surgery this week, our friend, Dick Segress, took us out on his boat Monday evening for Jim’s last outing of the season.

We were joined by friends Debbie and Larry, and with a combined picnic of shrimp cocktail, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese, pickles, chips and plenty of cold Chardonnay, we toasted to our last sunset cruise of the summer.

So Jim is requiring a little more attention for a while, so I will cut my column short this week.

But since summer weather is back, I highly recommend you get outside and soak it up. Drink plenty of water because it is hot out there!!

Enjoy the earth! Diana