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Oh my goodness, it is November!!

And not to alarm you, but we are going to get a taste of fall-like weather towards the end of the week.

We may have to break out a sweater and some boots and give the tank tops and flip flops a break!

So we should have been in peak fall color the last week of October as the trees begin to prepare for shorter days, which causes the color change.

The days are shorter (by 66 minutes in October) but with these warm temperatures, the trees are obviously as confused as everything else out there because they are just now beginning to turn a little and most of them still have a lot of green leaves.

It will be interesting to see how the fall colors do this year.

Speaking of confused, the jalapeños and tomatoes are still producing and they should have been done, and the cilantro is back since the 90-100 degree days are long gone.

So I made a batch of salsa with almost everything fresh out of the garden.

And I pickled a batch of the carrot, jalapeño and onion mix that goes great with chips and salsa. Crazy!!

Last week I mentioned bringing in the plants from the porch so let’s just go over procedures.

Remove the potted plant from the saucer and hose down the pot, saucer and the plant with a good hard spray.

You can even use soap on the pot and saucer.

Let them dry good out in the sun and then bring them indoors. You will eliminate a lot of pests, spiders, and disease that you don’t want in your house infecting your other plants.

I know it is a pain in the neck, but you will be glad you did it right.

So just pick a sunny day and do it, and always…Enjoy the earth! Diana