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I can’t believe it is August!

Even though school will be starting in a couple of weeks, there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy Grand Lake!

And we are hot again after a week of somewhat mild temperatures.

We didn’t glean much rain out of this last system, at least not in Langley. But these little breaks from the extreme heat have been nice this summer.

So believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about the fall garden.

I know, we are all suffering from burn out, no pun intended, but now is a good time to analyze the vegetable plants that have endured the summer heat and either keep them for fall harvests, or rip them out and start with new stuff.

Crape Myrtle in Oklahoma

From July 15 to August 15 you can plant broccoli and Brussel sprout plants, and carrots and leaf lettuce seeds.

August 1st to 15th, you can go with cabbage and cauliflower plants, potatoes and Swiss chard.

After August 15th you can seed peas and radishes.

See? There are lots of things to grow for the fall!

Well there were several readers that said they were looking forward to the ‘after’ picture of that Crape Myrtle in last week’s column.

The truth is, as of Saturday night I hadn’t done it and we were leaving town Sunday after church and I knew I would have to get the picture before we left town.

So I woke up about 6:15 Sunday morning to get everything watered real good, and remember what I said about having scissors and pruners handy when you are watering?

Well, I shaped up that Crape Myrtle while watering the garden! Check it out!

We are still hanging in there at the Saturday Market so stop by and see us!

Enjoy the earth! Diana