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Well there is no way to know what will happen three or four weeks from now, but right now spring is busting out everywhere.

Trees are budding out, the Knock Out roses are leafing out like crazy and all kinds of things are popping out of the ground.

With the rain we had again this week combined with the warm temperatures, nature is moving forward fast!

Sunday morning sunrise

SO, if you haven’t cut the roses back, do so immediately!!

You would usually do this chore mid February anyway, but they aren’t usually covered in leaves.

Don’t worry, especially with Knock Outs. They are amazingly tough so even if we have a cold snap they will be fine.

The purpose of this trim is to keep their size under control and I trim them regularly throughout the summer.

For the first trim, cut them back about to about 18 inches to 2 feet from the soil line and if they are thick with branches, thin them out.

The next urgent pruning is the asparagus.

I have green spears already coming out of the ground among all the dead stuff.

I choose to hand prune asparagus, not just run a hedge trimmer over them.

The dead stalks can be cut as close to ground level as you can. Don’t pull on them or you might damage the crown.

Once the dead is all trimmed off, we should be able to kick back and start enjoying some fresh asparagus. Yummy!!

Again, a little cold snap shouldn’t hurt the asparagus.

If you can find the plants I talked about last week, get them in the ground.

Jon Ann brought up a good point that with the warm temperatures coming on so early, it may shorten the growing season for those cold weather crops.

So there is the list of chores for this week so get out there and dig in.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana