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Was the holiday weekend perfect at Grand Lake or what?

The weather was great for being out on the lake, at the park, in the garden, just about anything.

And now we are going to have another cool down and there are a lot of folks out there that are ready for it.

I’m kind of on the fence. I am ready for the cool but I love being out in the fresh air and sunshine too.

We will have a little of both in the next few weeks, I’m sure.

So, there is a lot going on in the garden right now since the summer crops are still producing, and will for several more weeks, and the fall crops are growing like crazy.

I have four volunteer potato plants that germinated from stray potatoes that got missed during harvest.

That is like a gift and they will be ahead of the others I planted, so we will have potatoes for a while.

There are also a bunch of dill and cilantro volunteers popping up and the upcoming weather will help those move right along.

I planted sugar snap pea seeds week ago, and they have already sprouted!

Snap peas like the cool weather so they are a great fall crop, but the toughest part is getting them to germinate in the hot weather, so mission accomplished!

By the way, the picture of the Fiat 500 Pop you saw last week is definitely one of my favorite things this summer.

We got it in May for my “zip around Langley” car.

When I get in it, I am very happy.

We call it Snap Pea, because it is the color of sugar snap peas, and, it’s a snappy little car.

Guess we should call it Happy Snap Pea…O.K…let’s move on.

The lettuce, broccoli and Brussel sprouts I planted a few weeks ago are doing fantastic.

The ones in the boat garden are twice the size as the ones in the garden.

I was able to start with a clean slate in the boat garden so the soil is more loose and the roots can grow much faster.

I probably should have done a little tilling in the other garden, but with the peppers, tomatoes other stuff, it is kind of hard to till without damaging their roots.

No matter…we have stuff growing everywhere so we will continue to eat fresh veggies out of the garden!

The Saturday Morning Market is going to continue for two more weeks. We still have produce, grass fed beef, baked goods, hummus and jewelry vendors.

So come and see us between 9:00 and noon!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana