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Greetings Grand Lakers!

I’m sure glad we are getting a day or two break from the excessive heat, at least one every two weeks or so.

The weather guys said we still haven’t hit the 100 degree mark yet, thank goodness, because we certainly have hit the 100+ heat index a few times!

But here it is August and fall isn’t too far away, so we need to savor every moment of our summer season, hot or not.

So far everything seems to be surviving the heat but it has taken some work.

Many of you have expressed the same thing I am feeling…I’m sick of watering when it seems we are barely keeping stuff alive.

But, we still have a long way to go before the summer flowers and vegetables freeze out and die, so keep up the good work!

I’m about ready to start on the fall garden and one of the things I want to plant is Brussels sprouts.

There was a whole article in one of my publications and Brussels sprouts will actually do well in Oklahoma.

The problem is finding the plants.

They could be planted as early as mid-August, but it might be just as well to wait until we get out of the heat a bit more.

Anyway, fall is better than spring for Brussels sprouts in Oklahoma because our spring season can be cut short sometimes and these guys definitely like coolor weather.

If we have an early frost, it doesn’t matter for Brussels sprouts, in fact, they are even a bit sweeter after a frost.

So depending on how fall plays out, you could be harvesting these guys through December! Wouldn’t that be cool??

Oh, you don’t like Brussels sprouts?!?

Well learn to like them because I think they are going to be fun to grow!! And if anyone finds some plants, let me know.

Meanwhile, we are having a ton of tomatoes at the Saturday Market.

I’m talking in the hundreds of pounds, and they are almost all gone by the time we are done!

We also have other vegetables, some awesome baked goods, hummus, pork, beef and fun stuff like jewelry, pottery etc.

So we appreciate your continued support!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana