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Well it didn’t take long for the weather to turn on us.

I am so done with pushing 80 degrees one day, then dropping to 29 degrees two days later. Come on Mother Nature!

Okay…at least we don’t live in the northeast part of the country because they are getting pounded with snow, so I guess I will quit whining.

Can you imagine getting 2 feet of snow right now? Eeeeeek!

So how cold can it get before doing damage to all the plants and trees that are budding out?

A frost/light freeze is 32 degrees.

Most of the perennials, trees and cool weather crops will be okay with that temperature.

A hard freeze occurs at 28 degrees. We came very close to that Sunday night.

Again, most of the perennials, trees and cool weather crops can take that for a short period of time.

If it were to linger for several days, it could get dicey.

A killing freeze is when it drops to 24 degrees or less.

That could do some damage to tender cool weather crops, but the hardy ones would be fine.

But if you planted any warm weather crops early to get a jump on things, they are going to be very unhappy at 24-28 degrees.

It could take longer for them to recover than if you had waited to plant them.

Trees can actually take temperatures as low as 22, for maybe an overnight low, and not lose their leaves.

But any lower and any longer will damage the new foliage.

FYI, the latest killing freeze was April 13, 1957, so the chances are slim.

Crazy weather or not…Enjoy the Earth! Diana