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Well, looks like Old Man Winter is here to stay a while, although the temperatures are all over the place.

It gets down into the teens one night, then back up to 58 within a few days. Whatever!

This is my least favorite time of year but the flip side is the days are getting longer instead of shorter, and we are only a month away from planting early spring crops!

So we got to have some Brussel sprouts out of the garden last week.

This week I dug up all the potatoes out of the garden at The Artichoke.

There weren’t a lot of potatoes, but the ones I got were huge!

Oklahoma January Harvest Potatoes

I don’t know if it is typical to have fewer potatoes from the fall crop since the growing time is shorter and the plants never had the chance to bloom.

Anyway, I got nervous that the potatoes would freeze with temps dropping into the teens, but they were in fine shape for being left in the ground.

They aren’t the prettiest since I don’t wash the dirt off until we are going to eat them, but they taste wonderful.

I guess I will wait until we need some more before I dig the rest of them up at home. I shouldn’t have doubted myself!

So since there aren’t too many days warm enough to spend in the garden, use the time to dig out the seed catalogs and start planning your spring garden.

Maybe consider growing some vegetables you haven’t tried before.

In the next few weeks we will cover planting times for early spring vegetables.

For example, onions can be planted as early as February 15th, and that is just around the corner!

Stoke up that fireplace, come see us at the restaurant, and…Enjoy the Earth! Diana