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Holy turkey feathers – It is Thanksgiving already!

At least we are having more normal temperatures for this time of year.

I think we dropped to 25 degrees over the weekend and that was certainly cold enough to do in the remaining warm weather crops.

I think that is probably just fine. It was wearing me out trying to keep them going. Time to give it up!!

So Sunday I finished the last of the jalapeños off…no I didn’t eat them.

I made a couple of batches of salsa and several jars of my Tex Mex carrots and a jar of just jalapeños.

That way they are all processed and will be available for salsa all winter.

And we used almost all the tomatoes we picked a couple of weeks ago.

Whellbarrel full of plants

They slowly ripened and we used them for salsa and in soups.

This was the best year ever for produce from the gardens, and not just me.

A lot of you have commented on the amount of produce you had this year.

Now the cool weather crops are still fine.

The freeze didn’t faze the broccoli and Brussel sprouts and the Swiss chard did pretty good too.

And the pansies and violas are happy little campers right now so there is still some life out there.

But the timing is perfect to be doing LESS gardening so we can turn our attention to the holidays.

So get in the mood for some turkey and dressing, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Brussels sprouts, oh my, I’m getting hungry!

And then come see us at The Artichoke!

Enjoy the holiday and always…

Enjoy the Earth! Diana