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Happy Spring Grand Lakers!

The earth is exploding with life, and with the rainfall, everything is lush, green and beautiful!

The other thing that is exploding is the tree pollen…but it has to happen in order for them to leaf out, so just take an allergy pill and go on.

At least the rain helps wash it down into the ground outside. Too bad it doesn’t wash it off the boats.

I got a lot of stuff planted but I still have a lot of space to fill in the vegetable gardens.

I do have a little issue in the home garden…yep, Mr. & Mrs. Bunny are back and eating the asparagus.

I caught him in the garden one morning with a nice piece of asparagus hanging out of his mouth, chomping away at it.

He just looked at me like, “What…” No wonder I’m getting half the asparagus at home as I am at The Artichoke.

So, I got out the stinky deer and rabbit repellent and sprayed all around the vegetable garden and the boat garden and it seems to be helping.

And that’s not the only animal messing with my stuff.

The racoons have dumped my Calamondin orange tree over two times trying to get to the oranges, and it is in a pretty big pot.

So I moved it closer to the house and sprayed some stinky stuff around that porch as well.

It is heck living on the bluff sometimes, but the view is worth it.

So my flowers are for sale at Walker’s Hardware in Langley so that they are available to you seven days a week.

If you have any questions or want something in particular, just call me and I will try to get it.

There is lots to do outside and the weather is great so go play in the dirt!

Enjoy the Earth!