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It might be the last big holiday weekend at Grand Lake but the summer is far from over!

We are back into more normal temperatures for this time of year, yes, that would be 90’s rather than 70-80’s.

But wasn’t it a nice break to feel like it was fall already?

And then get a bonus of summer weather for a holiday weekend??? Life is good in our world!

Speaking of hot, I worked in the gardens at The Artichoke Sunday and I thought I was gonna die!

But the tomato plants needed to be cleaned up and some weeds needed to be cleaned out.

The plants look kind of yukky right now because they have been working all summer but trust me, they aren’t done yet.

When we were having the “excessive heat” warnings, it was just as hot and miserable on them, so there is a lot of dead foliage that needs to be removed.

But there are also new leaflets coming out at those old leaf nodes, so don’t give up on your tomatoes.

So as usual I was going to spend a couple of hours, and after getting buzzed by bees and sweating a gallon, 3 1/2 hours later I had four out of ten beds done.

But oh what a difference…so get out there and be nice to your tomatoes!

I’m going to keep it short so I can share photos, but the vendors at The Saturday Morning Market will have lots of veggies, baked goods, grass fed beef, salsa, hummus, etc. for the holiday weekend.

Come see us before you head out on the lake and be safe, be mindful of others, enjoy friends and family and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Sunset from the Artichoke in Langley Oklahoma