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I guess it is time to say Happy Halloween!

I think this is the latest I have ever picked vine ripened tomatoes. I have to say, the plants are the ugliest things you’ve ever seen, but the tomatoes are beautiful so I have just tried to keep the plant alive until the tomatoes quit making.

This week will probably end that scenario because it looks like the fall weather is here to stay this time.

At the same time we have been picking tomatoes, we have been harvesting our fall broccoli. Is that crazy or what?


And the Brussel sprouts are about the size of a pencil eraser, so it won’t be long before we get to eat some of those.

Waiting for those has almost been like waiting for the first tomatoes. I’m so excited!

There are other things going on outside right now like the leaves are beginning to turn their fall colors.

Our fall foliage time for northeast Oklahoma typically starts the last week of October, so it is here.

And check out this beautiful Morning Glory that is loving the fall weather!

I love this time of year with the cool crisp air, and the aroma of a burning fireplace.

We haven’t had a fire yet, but since we are playing the “how long can we go before turning on the heat” game, it might be soon!

So if you haven’t brought in those plants yet, like me…we should probably get that done this week.

It got down to 39 one night so that is getting a little chilly for tropicals. And get those pansies, violas, kales and such planted.

And just maybe, maybe give up the tomato plants. It is just hard to do as long as there is a tomato on the vine. Hmmm….

Enjoy the Earth! Diana