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I can’t believe March is over already! And I’m having a birthday this week and its a big one! People have asked what I’m going to be doing for the big “six-oh”.

Well, one employee is off for a few days and we have a catering for 80 that night, so the answer is, I’ll be WORKING!

But that is okay because we are blessed with a busy restaurant and I am grateful.

One thing we did to celebrate is go to Oklahoma City on Sunday and have dinner with my dad (his B-day is March 4), Donnie, Latham, Donovin (his B-day is March 9), and my sister, who had a “big-oh” birthday last month. That takes care of a lot of birthdays in one dinner.

After dinner my dad went back to Clinton, we stayed with Donnie and the boys, and my sister ended up staying as well.

So what’s better than a nice dinner, good wine, and a sleepover for your birthday?

So next on the agenda was Tulsa for ORA events Monday night, but before we left OKC, we went to TLC Garden Center.

Oh my gosh! Everything I said last week went right out the window!

We got 3 one-gallon size tomatoes, bell peppers, a big jalapeño, 4″ pots of yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber and a pot with four basil plants in it.

I know, all warm weather crops. But, but…

Oh, and Jim picked out a big hibiscus and I had to have these two petunia hanging baskets because they were a very unusual color that I have never seen before.

Boy oh boy, I better pray for warm weather, and soon!

Now I’m not saying to go out and buy, in fact I should say, “Here, take my advice, I’m not using it.”

Anyway I read in BH&G this week that you can burn about 300 calories in an hour of gardening, and lower your risk of dementia by 36%, so there are two more good reasons to get out there and…Enjoy the Earth!