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Well, I think we made it through spring without a late freeze.

I went ahead and planted all the things I got from TLC a couple of weeks ago and everything is looking just fine.

We made another trip to Oklahoma City this week for a food show but unfortunately did not have time to go to TLC.

So Ben E. Keith Foodservice had their food show Tuesday and Jim and I, and King and Katie all went.

They treat us to a party Monday night and pick up the tab on our hotel bill.

The party Monday night was at the Petroleum Club on the 34th and 35th floor of…well it used to be the Liberty Tower.

The show was at The Cox Center and we stayed in the Marriott across the street, so everything was walking distance.

Well, the views were spectacular at the party.

There was a good size storm to the southeast which was cool to see from that high up, and on the west side we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

They had great food and good wine, a DJ on one floor and karaoke on the other floor.

No, I don’t do karaoke, but King did! And he wasn’t even drinking! He did a darn good job too!

After the party we walked over to the Skirvin for a glass of wine because King worked there for a time.

Then somehow we walked back to the hotel and kicked back for a little rest.

Man, I need to get back to gardening, being a party animal can wear you out!

Enjoy the Earth!